Joint Play Seminars





Orthopedic Manual Therapy
OMT is the use of a variety of
hands-on techniques to treat the whole body for pain, dysfunction, and for optimal working performance. The sessions are clothed. Assessments look at posture, range of motion, muscle tightness /weakness, and movement relative to one’s daily life.


Personal Coaching / Qi Gong
Working from the perspective of neuro-muscular repatterning Clay draws from many disciplines, both Western and Eastern, as well as a lifetime of manual labor, sports, play and dance. At the heart of his work is teaching clients to move more efficiently and enjoyably.


Professional and Public Classes
Joint Play Seminars were developed from Clay's extensive and on-going study of clinical bodywork, the osteopathic and orthopedic sciences, and numerous other disciplines. His classes for the public draw from these same sources, as well as many others that relate to the everyday movement aspects of life, work and play.